Thursday, June 11, 2009

Restaurants: Amici Miei Cafe, Bridgeport, CT

I've blogged about my favorite Bridgeport eateries before, and with so many new spots opening in downtown Bridgeport, I'm adding more to my list all the time! Downtown Bridgeport has really become a nighttime dinner destination, and now you'll want to head there for lunch as well!

Today I went to check out Fraiche Burger (997 Main Street), only to find its chef/owner, Marc Lippman, outside with take-out in his hands! Due to circumstances out of his control, he had to push the opening of the very casual burger shop to Monday, June 15th. He did give me a sneak-peak inside and at the menu while my daughter kept herself busy drawing on the giant chalk board that runs the entire length of the restaurant. I'll definitely be stopping by next week, but in the meantime, I asked him where we should eat! He pointed to his take-out boxes and recommended his friend's new place, Amici Miei Cafe, which opened this week on the very next block (957 Main Street). We headed right over.

At first glance, I thought Amici Miei (that's "A-mee-chee Mee-A-ee") which is Italian for "my friends" was a serve-yourself-and-go-sit kind of place, similar to Senor Salsa (formerly La Salsa). The counter at the front was crowded with people, whom I realized later, were just taking food to go. As it turns out, the large booths and smattering of tables are for table service, and we were seated in the back atrium area (a glass covered courtyard, of sorts, which could greatly benefit from some large potted trees or dividers to define the space a bit). The inside decor is very modern, with bright orange walls and black accents. The open kitchen and very high ceilings give the space an urban feel, which lent itself to the overall good vibe of the place.

The menu is casual Italian----pressed panini and tramezzini* sandwiches with a variety of fillings, salads, and thin crust pizzas. The delicious sandwiches came with a nice little pasta and bean salad, and the individual pizzas were generously sized and tasty. Better yet, the entire menu was priced from $4.99 to $7.99! Amici Miei is open for lunch and dinner Mondays-Saturdays. I hear a liquor license is on its way as well!

Amici Miei Cafe
957 Main Street (near the Courthouse)
Bridgeport, CT

*Tramezzini are smaller sandwiches made from sliced bread, rather than rolls.

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