Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fast New Eats in Fairfield

If you’ve driven down the Post Road in Fairfield Center lately, you may have noticed the bright yellow food truck parked outside the library.  Christophe’s Crepes began serving up crepes-on-the-go late this summer and has been going strong ever since.  Reminiscent of the street-side crepe carts I first experienced in Paris almost 20 years ago, Christophe, a Frenchman, whips up fresh crepes to order right in front of you.  Both savory and sweet crepes are available--- among the offerings are ham or turkey and mozzarella, jam filled crepes, Nutella crepes (with or without freshly sliced banana), chocolate and toasted almond, to name a few.  He also serves fresh Belgian waffles!   So whether you’re looking for a satisfying lunch or a mid-afternoon sweet snack, be sure to say “bonjour” to Christophe in the crepe truck .

Christophe’s Crepe Truck
(646) 596-6879
Parked on the Post Road in Fairfield Center midday (not on rainy days).  Also available for catering/parties.

ChiliBomb Chili Factory is the newest addition to Fairfield’s Black Rock Turnpike.  Opened in September, ChiliBomb serves 6 types of chili daily.  Traditional chuck wagon chili, vegetarian chili, and the award winning Chipotle Turkey Chili are among the daily offerings.  The OMG Chili is for professional eaters only--- it is made with ‘ghost peppers’, one of the hottest peppers out there.  The menu is gigantic and a little confusing with all its bomb-themed names for everything.  However,  the staff is extremely enthusiastic and very willing to explain the dozens of combinations to be made with chili, toppings, and sides.  You may need an interpreter on your first visit, but once you figure out that it’s really simply a matter of choosing a type of chili, whether you want it served on top of something (like a potato, rice or in a burrito), and what toppings you’d like, you’ll be rewarded with a yummy hot meal (although my suggestion would be for them to check out the super-simple menu boards at Chipotle Mexican for inspiration!)  ChiliBomb also serves burgers, hot dogs, fries and mac & cheese.   It’s definitely a nice change of pace from the usual lunchtime sandwich, or a great alternative to take-out! 

ChiliBomb Chili Factory
2445 Black Rock Turnpike (next door to Swanson’s Fish Store), Fairfield
Monday-Saturday, 11am-8pm.  Sunday, 11am-4pm