Monday, June 15, 2009

Restaurants: Garden Catering, Fairfield, CT

Garden Catering, the well known establishment revered for its fried chicken and famous chicken nuggets, has opened an outpost on Black Rock Turnpike in Fairfield. It began in the late 70s in Greenwich, and later expanded to Old Greenwich, Stamford, and Westchester County. Now Fairfielders can see what all the buzz is about! One friend, who is originally from Old Greenwich, said "I grew up on Garden Catering chicken bits at their original location and couldn't be more psyched about them opening in Fairfield!"

Breakfast sandwiches are served all day, along with burgers, hot dogs, chili, salads, sandwiches, wraps, and of course, chicken (take out or eat in). Since Garden Catering is known for their chicken, I decided to try their famous nuggets, which are all white meat and hand-cut. These are definitely not your usual chicken nuggets! On the side I got a big order of "cones", which are like fried mashed potato balls (think "tater-tots" that actually taste good), plus some fried zucchini. Everything was a hit with the kids and grown-ups alike. I enjoyed my nuggets sprinkled with their special seasoning (which is similar to a Lawry's-type seasoning), and dipped into the sweet and sour sauce (they also have barbeque and honey mustard).

I'll admit I was a bit skeptical, since I'm not a huge fan of fried food, and generally speaking, avoid any food with the word "nugget" attached to it. However, everything really was delicious--and no trans fats! It took every fiber of my being not to eat the entire container of cones on the car ride home! This is a great idea for a quick meal or a picnic. My friend said it best: "You absolutely cannot beat the huge chunks of white meat nuggets with their special seasoning, especially when you need to grab something for the beach!"

Just be sure NOT to close up those bags and containers in which the food is served...everything will lose its fantastic crispiness! The staff is well versed in all of this, so they will remind you if you forget and begin sealing everything up!

I'm definitely going to go back to try the salads and wraps.....and am glad to have another take-out meal idea up my sleeve! It is also a great idea for a casual party. Check it out!

Garden Catering

2074 Black Rock Turnpike

Fairfield, CT


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