Monday, June 22, 2009

Restaurants: Harborview Market, Bridgeport, CT

Harborview Market, located in the Black Rock section of Bridgeport (adjacent to Saint Mary's by the Sea), has been around for years, but outside of its immediate neighborhood, is perhaps one of Fairfield County's best kept secrets.

The bustling market selling all types of grocery provisions, and also does a brisk restaurant business at both breakfast and lunchtime. Mornings they offer house made croissants (and on weekends, chocolate filled ones too!), muffins, and other baked goods, as well as bagels, pancakes, french toast, eggs, and the like. They also serve a wide variety of lunches, for eat in or take out.
The atmosphere is extremely casual, and there are an eclectic collection of antique-style tables scattered throughout the front of the market where you can eat, or, better yet, in warmer weather you can bring your food outside to one of the many sidewalk tables. Orders are placed and paid for at the counter inside, however staff members will happily bring orders to your table if they are anything requiring more than a minute or so to prepare (like pancakes, etc).

Harborview Market is decidedly "old school", which is exactly what I love about it. There is no pretension, no fussiness, and nothing formal about the entire experience. You feel almost transported back to a simpler time; there is nothing ultra-modern about this place and I think it is perfect just as it is. In this "throw-away" society where we discard and knock down anything that no longer gleams, it is absolutely refreshing to sit and enjoy a bagel at a true neighborhood place where coffee is actually called coffee, it's not odd to share a table with a stranger reading his newspaper, and your view is a residential neighborhood, rather than a shopping plaza or gas station.
Harborview Market
218 Harborview Avenue
Bridgeport, CT
Photos by kHyal, 2008 (via Facebook)

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