Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm Just Buzzing about Foodbuzz

Back in April, I was contacted about becoming a Featured Publisher. I honestly didn't really understand what Foodbuzz was all about (and I'm still learning), but I figured it was a good way to share my blog with more people. And that it has.

The other day I came home to find a fluffy package jammed into my mailbox (gee, thanks, Mr. Mailman....I'm glad it wasn't fragile!). I opened it to reveal the nicest gift from the folks over at Foodbuzz.... a very nice, high quality chef's apron featuring the Foodbuzz logo, and a bright green silicone spatula (you can never have too many of those---and I JUST redecorated my kitchen with green! What luck!). Over the past several months I've received a number of fun and clever goodies. The mini-business cards with my blog address were a fantastic idea, and the cotton "Foodbuzz" tote is perfect for my (many) trips to the farmers market and grocery stores (because if you read my other blog, Season To Taste, you already know what I think about plastic single-use grocery bags!). I must say that the apron/spatula was the best to date. I'm especially looking forward to an upcoming dinner with the New York City Metro-Area Foodbuzz Featured Publishers....a chance to talk shop with my cyber-colleagues and foodie friends!

As a relatively new food blogger, it is nice to know that not only is there an online community out there devoted to life, liberty, and the pursuit of foodie-ness, but that they appreciate those of us who work so hard (many without any monetary reneumeration!) to share something very close to our hearts....our cooking. I am excited to wear my new apron while teaching my cooking classes, and hope to introduce Foodbuzz to my fellow Fairfield foodies!

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