Sunday, August 17, 2008

Restaurants: Fairfield Favorites

When I discover a new restaurant (or one new to me, at least), I usually end up profiling it here on my blog. It was once pointed out to me that I never write a bad review--- and that would be a correct observation. I made a conscious decision that if I were going to spend time writing about an eatery, it would be because I liked it! Therein lies the beauty of this blog---no one is paying me, so I can write whatever I want, and skip the rest! I'm too busy to spend time slamming restaurants I don't like.

I do, however, have a few favorites which I've never profiled, mostly because I've been going to them for years and figured everyone else already knows about them. But since they are my absolute stand-bys, I decided it was high time to write about my good ol' Fairfield favorites.

Centro (pronounced "CHEN-tro"), located at 1435 Post Road in Fairfield is my absolute favorite place to go with the kids. It is bright and cheerful, and was recently redecorated and rearranged, so there are now booths and banquettes in addition to regular tables. I have probably eaten at Centro something close to 100 times over the past several years, and I've tried almost everything on the menu. I can honestly say I've never had a bad meal at Centro. The kids can color right on the tables, which are covered with butcher paper, so mom and dad can actually have a conversation (well, sort of). In the warmer weather, we love eating on the patio overlooking the Sherman Gazebo. We are regulars, and love that the waitstaff knows our kids by name and that we like a few packets of grissini on the table in addition to the yummy bread. Centro is definitely one of my very favorite Fairfield spots. You cannot go wrong here.

If we're going out without the kids, I love Quattro Pazzi, located right down the street at 1599 Post Road. Unless you go by about 6:00 pm on weekends, you'll almost certainly have to wait awhile, since it is a very popular spot and they do not accept reservations (hence the reason for going sans kids). Quattro Pazzi also recently underwent a facelift, with new tile floors, wall decorations, and seat coverings. Like at Centro, I've eaten just about everything on the menu at Quatto Pazzi, and have never once been disappointed. I'm always drawn to the fresh pasta dishes, but everything is truly delicious. The bar is lively and usually has my favorite Sangiovese wine by the glass, so I almost don't even mind waiting for a table. Quattro Pazzi's sister restaurant, Osianna, has quickly become one of my other favorite eating destinations, but I've already told you about that when I profiled it back in December.

When we're in the mood for take-out food, I always head to Senor Salsa (previously called La Salsa--but has the same menu). I usually stick to the salads (the Chili-Lime is my favorite), but when I feel like having a calorie splurge, I go for one of the fresh burritos (I love the Classic with steak or the Cancun Shrimp). I always make sure to load up at the fresh salsa bar----Fire Roasted Tomato for my husband, Avocado for me, and a few little containers of the crunchy carrots to share (and to counteract all the homemade tortilla chips we're injesting). Yes, this is a franchised chain, but I like it anyway.

Other favorites of mine include Fin for sushi, Caffe Quattro for lunch with grown-ups (and after-dinner coffee/dessert), WineKnot for pre- or post-dinner drinks, and Fire House Deli for lunch with the kids.
So go! Go out to dinner! You don't need to go far from home to enjoy fantastic food.

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